8. Light Sensor

The built-in light sensor on the mPython Board, use it to sense light changes in the surrounding environment.

Example:Light control lamp:

from mpython import *

while True:
    oled.fill(0)                                   #Clear Screen
    oled.DispChar("亮度:",30,16)                    #Display brightness
    oled.DispChar("%d" % (light.read()), 60, 16)    #Display the built-in Light Sensor
    oled.show()                                     #Refresh
    sleep_ms(100)                                   #Delay 100ms

    if light.read() < 200 :                    # When the light brightness is less than 200, turn ON the light
    else:                                      # else, OFF the light

Use light object to obtain the light sensor data:



The light sensor uses the read() function to read data. The returned value is 12bit ADC sampling data, that is, the maximum value is decimal 4095。

Learned how to collect light data of the surrounding environment, we can combine other functions to make more interesting scenes.