Python Standard library

“micropython Standard Library”, the miniaturization of “Python Standard Library”. Only provide the core functions of the module. Those modules that don’t use the standard Python name. was labeled with a “U”, for example, “U JSON” instead of “JSON”. Which is the micropython standard library could only realize portion of the module functions.。 For better compatibility, users could choose to write the Python module module extension function by the change of name. (Note: mentioned in “term:`micropython-lib”)。

On the embedded platform, python Encapsulation Library can be added to achieve compatibility naming with Cpython. The path of “non-u-name” packaged files was rewritable.

For example: for ”import json“,First, to search and load the “JSON. Py” file or “JSON” directory. If not, then go back to load the built-in “ujson” module.