Firmware Release



  • Fixed the bug that sometimes cannot be recorded
  • Add compass correction function
  • urequests modify ssl to default not to shake hands
  • Increase font display function
  • Add logging module
  • Update weather icon module
  • Modify some known small bugs



  • Upgrade MicrPpython IDF to v4.0
  • Rebuild the project framework
  • Add Bluetooth BLE
  • Add recording function
  • Add magnetometer
  • Modify of USB interface and key button hardwares
  • urequest module, add POST form function
  • oled.DispChar() increase the return character width parameter
  • Add urllib.parse module (URL resolution)



  • music Added 5 Chinese songs to Music module:

    • GE_CHANG_ZU_GUO(歌唱祖国)
    • DONG_FANG_HONG(东方红)
    • CAI_YUN_ZHUI_YUE(彩云追月)
    • ZOU_JIN_XIN_SHI_DAI(走进新时代)
    • MO_LI_HUA(茉莉花)
  • Fix the problem of mutual interference between the servo and motor sharing one LED PWM high-speed channel。

  • Fix known bugs



  • Firmware merge font, burn firmware start address 0x00;
  • The file system space is expanded from 1M to 2M (the starting address of the font is changed from 0x300000 to 0x400000);
  • Added gui.Image class to support 1bit bmp and pbm image formats;
  • Added gui.UI.qr_code QR code display;
  • Added striplight NeoPixel.brightness brightness adjustment function
  • Added sdcard module;
  • request adds file parameter to support file upload;
  • audio module adds recording function;
  • C layer realizes drawing function to improve efficiency;
  • Built-in bluebit,, etc.;
  • Fix known bugs;



  • Add radio wireless module, support wireless broadcast function;
  • Added Timer and Thread will be closed when catching KeyboardInterrupt interrupt or exiting the main loopd;
  • Fix bug (music module);



  • Add audio module to support the audio playback function of the control panel and the TTS text-to-speech function;
  • Fix bug of wrong time zone;



  • Built mpython library firmware, and the file system does not need to be flashed in;
  • Modify the boot animation to a static image without occupying boot time;
  • Modify the prompt page code error to indicate the error location and detail information, and no more display the error prompt on the keyboardinterrupt;
  • Fix some problems with reading of i2c blue: bit modules;
  • Enhanced the reading stability of the built-in sensor, retry 5 times after an error to report an error;



  • The firmware burning start address is changed from 0x1000 to 0x00
  • Change the animation start-up time to 0.5S
  • Fix some errors of urequest
  • Modify the server address of ntptime and provide user-specified address interface