uerrno -- 系统错误代码

这个模块实现了相应 CPython 模块的一个子集,如下所述。有关更多信息,请参阅原始CPython文档: errno

此模块提供访问符号错误代码以进行 OSError 异常。特定的代码清单依赖于 MicroPython port.



错误代码,基于ANSI C/POSIX标准。所有错误代码开头都有“E”。错误通常可以访问为 exc.args[0] ,其中 excOSError 的一个实例


except OSError as exc:
    if exc.args[0] == uerrno.EEXIST:
        print("Directory already exists")


>>> print(uerrno.errorcode[uerrno.EEXIST])
异常 描述
uerrno.EPERM 1 Operation not permitted
uerrno.ENOENT 2 No such file or directory
uerrno.ESRCH 3 No such process
uerrno.EINTR 4 Interrupted system call
uerrno.EIO 5 I/O error
uerrno.ENXIO 6 No such device or address
uerrno.E2BIG 7 Argument list too long
uerrno.ENOEXEC 8 Exec format error
uerrno.EBADF 9 Bad file number
uerrno.ECHILD 10 No child processes
uerrno.EAGAIN 11 Try again
uerrno.ENOMEM 12 Out of memory
uerrno.EACCES 13 Permission denied
uerrno.EFAULT 14 Bad address
uerrno.ENOTBLK 15 Block device required
uerrno.EBUSY 16 Device or resource busy
uerrno.EEXIST 17 File exists
uerrno.EXDEV 18 Cross-device link
uerrno.ENODEV 19 No such device
uerrno.ENOTDIR 20 Not a directory
uerrno.EISDIR 21 Is a directory
uerrno.EINVAL 22 Invalid argument
uerrno.ENFILE 23 File table overflow
uerrno.EMFILE 24 Too many open files
uerrno.ENOTTY 25 Not a typewriter
uerrno.ETXTBSY 26 Text file busy
uerrno.EFBIG 27 File too large
uerrno.ENOSPC 28 No space left on device
uerrno.ESPIPE 29 Illegal seek
uerrno.EROFS 30 Read-only file system
uerrno.EMLINK 31 Too many links
uerrno.EPIPE 32 Broken pipe
uerrno.EDOM 33 Math argument out of domain of func
uerrno.ERANGE 34 Math result not representable
uerrno.EWOULDBLOCK 11 Operation would block
uerrno.EOPNOTSUPP 95 Operation not supported on transport endpoint
uerrno.EAFNOSUPPORT 97 Address family not supported by protocol
uerrno.EADDRINUSE 98 Address already in use
uerrno.ECONNABORTED 99 Software caused connection abort
uerrno.ECONNRESET 104 Connection reset by peer
uerrno.ENOBUFS 105 No buffer space available
uerrno.EISCONN 106 Transport endpoint is already connected
uerrno.ENOTCONN 107 Transport endpoint is not connected
uerrno.ETIMEDOUT 110 Connection timed out
uerrno.ECONNREFUSED 111 Connection refused
uerrno.EHOSTUNREACH 113 No route to host
uerrno.EALREADY 114 Operation already in progress
uerrno.EINPROGRESS 115 Operation now in progress